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Our Products

We maintain the highest demand of quality in our products. Our sense of encouragement in conserving the virtue of a product allows us to understand what our customers require. It is our responsibility to deliver our customers the finest and freshest goods available.


Consumers tend to search the best flavours required to make the most delicious recipes or serve the best food. It is our job to deliver them the right ingredients

We procure our products from the natural sources and are also supplied by the most reputed companies all over the world. We provide liquid and encapsulated flavours for various bakery and confectionery items such as cookies and biscuits, cakes, toasts, chocolates and candy etc.

We supply powder flavours for beverages like coffee and tea, energy refreshment drinks and juices, which contain the pure and natural taste of fruits.

We know nutrition and health is what most consumer desire. We treat them with not just tasty and mouth-watering flavours but also the nutrition that give them a healthy life.


Our sense of smell is connected really well to our memory. For instance, the aroma of a room freshener can remind you of taking a walk in a flower garden.

Our cosmetic and soap and other eccentric fragrances are compiled by thorough processing and testing to create the best degree of sensations. Which not only smell good but also soothes the mind. We supply fine fragrances for traditional products e.g. Attar (It is widely used in Muslim communities of the world.), other examples are body care, home care, oral care, etc.


We also produce anti-oxidizing agents for certain sealed edibles such as snacks, crisps, etc., baking powder for bakeries and clouding agents for powdered drinks.